RCDI, Development and Innovation Network, is a non-profit association that gathers a network of experts converging on innovation, sustainable development and territorial cohesion. With a focus on territorial cooperation, the mission of RCDI is to promote initiatives and activities to support the development of local resources and the improvement of individual and collective capacities, encouraging the participation of citizens and institutions in transnational initiatives.
Providing advice and technical support to public and private entities and to citizens, RCDI aims to contribute to the development of a creative, sustainable and inclusive society. RCDI partners area highly skilled professionals with relevant work experience in their areas of expertise:
– Experience in management advice and support to market research and development of business plans for sustainable growth of SME, in different sectors (e.g. tourism, environment, processing industries);
– Networking experience & talent to involve relevant stakeholders, ranging from policy makers and local/regional authorities to economic operators;
– Experience in bridging relations between the public administration and the business sector.
Public regional/national organisations, civil society organizations related to the social sector, business associations/local development organisations and research bodies will be engaged in the local/regional working groups, bringing useful contributions to the project implementation, as major stakeholders.

Social&Creative projects:

  • +RESILIENT – Mediterranean Open REsouRcEs for Social Innovation of SociaLly ResponsIve ENTerprises: (Project partner; Partner project budget:  266,795.00 €)

Main role in the project + RESILIENT: 

Country: portugal


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Centro Empresarial de Grândola, Fracçao E - Incubadora de Empresas 7579-272 Grândola Alentejo Alentejo Litoral PORTUGAL


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