The Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society Development is a nonprofit organisation which encourages international cooperation and networking and develops the awareness of philanthropic and democratic values, all with the scope of local community development and grassroot social innovation. The Foundation promotes the active participation of all members of society, improves social connections and works on the achievement of a fairer social environment for all citizens. It also influences the development of intersectoral partnership by connecting the public, civil and business sectors with the scope of working for the common good. Since its beginnings to this day, the role of the Foundation has mainly manifested through the numerous projects of civil society development funded by it.

Social&Creative projects:

  • +RESILIENT – Mediterranean Open REsouRcEs for Social Innovation of SociaLly ResponsIve ENTerprises: (Project partner; Partner project budget:  188,383.00 €)

Main role in the project + RESILIENT: 
Communication plan/ Updating project's minisite on MED platform

Country: Croatia


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