ODEON project aims at supporting the growth of Clusters and SMEs linked to S3 of the areas involved (focusing on green/blue growth and CCis) through the exploitation of Open and Big Data. Starting from e-government policies, the availability and quality of open data to be processed will be assured according to the fine tuning of tools from projects and initiatives to be capitalized and involved in the project. ODEON project will then focus on supporting Public institutions to increase the quantity and quality of open data; set-up intermediary services (Digital Hubs) able to offer tailored support for the exploitation of open data by SMEs and Profit Sector in general with innovative services and products. The testing phase will assure: a) the setting-up of National/Regional Digital Hubs (7 totally) able to support the exploitation of Linked Open Data addressing dedicated activities according to quadruple helix approach: training, research, development and innovation linked to enhance the competitiveness of Clusters, SMEs and start-ups and contribute to economic growth. A Med Open DATA Cluster will foster among them linkages in order to increase their innovation and internationalization capacities. Each Region will focus on one or more Key sectors/applications such as Tourism, Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Culture, ICT, Smart Manufacturing. b) the testing of services and instruments addressed to SMEs/start-ups; cross-innovation activities.

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