CreativeWear revitalizes the crisis-ridden Textile & Clothing (T&C) sector through a new attention to creativity, personalized design, and artisan and small-scale production for territorially specific value chains in customer-driven business models.CreativeWear extends the on-going H2020 TCBL project to creative clusters in the MEDspace, integrating them into the broader TCBL ecosystem. CreativeWear aims both to recover and valorise the design heritageand tacit “making” knowledge of T&C in Mediterranean cultures (MED-Texmedin) and to bring new energy to creative T&Cclusters by reinforcing their creativity-based innovation capacity and integrating their activity into emergent transnationalvalue chains (CreativeMED). CreativeWear tests adaptation of the TCBL network model (which couples Design, Making, and Place Labs with Business Pilots in innovative value chain scenarios) to existing creative clusters such as museums, creative hubs, fashion schools, designcentres, volunteer organisations, etc

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