Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) represent highly innovative SMEs. For participating regions CCIs is a strategic sector of development as underlined in their RIS3s, but this potential is hampered by a gap of information on CCI local environment,innovation and market barriers and a lack of tailored support to stimulate innovation,internationalization and cross fertilization. ChIMERA main objective is to improve innovation capacities of CCI public and private actors through strengthened cooperation among companies, research bodies,public authorities and civil society. Thanks to ChIMERA,CCIs key actors will improve their innovation capacities, regions will strengthen innovative CCIs clusters,cooperating in a transnational network, clusters members will benefit of tailored services to meet innovation needs and regions will concretely pursue innovation strategies on CCIs. ChIMERA follows an integrated approach to support RIS3s and development of CCIs Clusters. Transnational approach is necessary to find synergies among regional CCIs specializations and to promote internationalization of CCIs innovative clusters.

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