RV–R&I Unit is the regional authority devoted to the coordination of research, economic development and innovation policies in Veneto Region (VR) . As policy maker, it contributes to foster innovation capacity of its territory, especially with reference to SMEs, promoting business investments in R&I, facilitating knowledge transfer between enterprises, R&D centres and the higher education sector, sustaining clusters development and cooperation at regional, national and transnational level. Its activities concern context analysis, testing of policies/practices, evaluation and policies recommendations, involving different stakeholders, in order to elaborate procedures and regulatory proposals suitable to create a favourable ecosystem for innovation.

Veneto region  – ICT and Digital Agenda Department   – These are Veneto Region ICT and Digital Agenda Department thematic competences and experiences: Data research, Analysis, Development, Testing, Evaluation, Communication, Capitalization, Transfer, Networking, Training. ICT and Digital Agenda Department is involved in many issues, among others eGov and public ICT. We have a precise committment on managing Digital Agenda development on Veneto Region territory. We manage the OD portal and we coordinate the Veneto community on Open Data.

Veneto region  – Direction of Cultural heritage Cultural activities and Sport – The Veneto Region has recognized the creative cultural enterprises an important sector for economic growth and regional development. In particular, with POR ERDF 2014-2020 has planned specific actions to promote the creation and consolidation of this type of SMEs, primarily bearers of innovation, factors for local development and drivers of change. The Direction involved in the project coordinates the cultural system in the Veneto Region, through the networking of cultural resources, landscape and economic resources to make productive and promote regional initiatives at the national and international level.; promotes cultural projects; promotes enhances and coordinates the areas of cinema, theater, music, dance and cultural activities

Social&Creative projcts:

  • Co-Create – Setting up a network of COmpetitive MED Clusters with the contribution of CREATive industriEs ( Project partner;  Partner project budget:  248,750.00 € )
  • +RESILIENT – Mediterranean Open REsouRcEs for Social Innovation of SociaLly ResponsIve ENTerprises: (Lead partner; Partner project budget:  698,875.00 € )
  • odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Lead partner; Partner project budget: 326,142.45 € )  – Veneto region  – ICT and Digital Agenda Department
  • Smath – Smart atmospheres of social and financial innovation for innovative clustering of creative industries in MED area (Lead partner & Stakeholder;  Partner project budget:  204,185.00 € ) – Veneto region  – Direction of Cultural heritage Cultural activities and Sport

Main role in the project Co-Create: 
Pilot Action step 3 addressed to Policy Makers/ Identification of a model of cooperation for follow up activities

Main role in the project + RESILIENT:
Project preparation and submission/ Strategic and operational management/ LOCAL-MED CONSISTENCY SYSTEM/ Monitoring & Evaluation system/ Technical coordination and monitoring/ CAPITALIZATION WORKING GROUPS/ POLICY CHANGE ACTIONS/ MED ADVOCACY ACTIONS

Main role in the project Odeon: Elaboration and submission of the proposal/ Project Management, Coordination and Administration (Managing administrative and financial issues)/ Project's evaluation (Setting up common methodologies for actions)/ Promotion of Cooperation to enhance Internationalization Action Plan

Main role in the project Smath: Preparing and submitting a project proposal/ Project Management/ Coordination and Administration/ Project's evaluation/ Open days and final conference/ Participation in External Events/ Action Plan

Country: Italy

Nature: Regional Public authority


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