The Textile Industry Research Association – AITEX, is a private research association which performs characterisation trials and certification of textile materials and articles for a wide range of sectors including interior design, fashion, work wear, healthcare, sports and leisure, land and sea transport, aerospace and sports surfaces. The AITEX’s core objective is to create and transfer knowledge of textiles to the private sector, making the textile industry more competitive and opening up doors to new opportunities with a high added-value factor. The Institute promotes modernisation and the introduction of emerging technologies through its on-going R+D activities and other projects which contribute to the evolution of the textile industry, and issues the most appropriate product certifications to allow an article to compete in the international marketplace and facilitate its introduction into high-end niche markets. AITEX has more than 1.000 associated companies and more than 4.000 clients and will be able to transfer the concepts developed in the project to the textile sector. At European level, AITEX is member of the European Textile Technological Platform and is an associated member of TEXTRANET and KMM-VIN (Knowledge based Multifunctional Materials). At National and Regional level, AITEX is also an associated member of FEDIT, FECYT, ASEPAL, PESI, CFE, ASEPRI, UNIFAM. AITEX has good relation with EURATEX as is member of the Thematic Expert Group 6. AITEX will have support at Regional Level from IMPIVA, REDIT and Conselleria and at National level from Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo (MINETUR) and CDTI.

Socia&Creative project:

  • CreativeWear – Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space (Project partner;  Partner project budget: 201,850.00 € )

Main role in the project CreativeWear:
Valencia pilot

Country: Spain


Nature: Higher education and research

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