TECES connects worldwide established Slovene companies and education and research institutions active in the field of electric drives and power electronics. It was founded in the year 2001 as the joint goal of its founders, which was the establishment of an efficient system of linking companies and research institutions in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Slovenian industry. TECES as a R&D institution primarily covers the field of research and development. Role of TECES has changed during time, according to the needs and demands of the market

• a mediator (linking and unifying the industry and the educational and development sphere in Slovenia active in the field of electric drive systems).

• a coordinator (strengthening of the supporting environment that ensures the execution, implementation, coordination and administrative/financial support of all own and joint projects of partners.)

• a knowledge institution (research organization with its own R&D infrastructure and know-how which further provides the interest group support for the development of market interesting products).

Social&Creative projects:

  • Co-Create – Setting up a network of COmpetitive MED Clusters with the contribution of CREATive industriEs (Associated partner & stakeholder)

Country: Slovenia

Nature: Higher education and research


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Our Address:

Pobreska cesta 20 2000 Maribor Vzhodna Slovenija Podravska SLOVENIA


46.55116, 15.6534



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