Rimini Innovation Square is a project that comes from the territory and from the Strategic Plan of Rimini, which since 2007 deals with the future development of the city through participatory activities and co-planning models , and which today plays the Innovation Manager Community role taking care of the planning and coordination of all activities and services.
The Strategic Plan of Rimini , thanks to its many projects, brings and makes available to the Innovation Square community a large network of skills and strategic partners of the economic, social, professional, university and associative world and its know-how in the fields in which he has worked for years: welfare, mobility, tourism, urban regeneration, culture and territory, innovation and business .
The Strategic Plan with the Rimini Innovation Square project aims to facilitate the growth of those who join this community with the ambition to carry out innovative business projects and to contribute to the innovation of the entire territorial system , in harmony with development and social well-being.

Social&Creative projects:

  • Chebec – Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural sector (Stakeholder)

Country: Italy

Nature: Local policy makers


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Our Address:

Corso d'Augusto, 62, Rimini Italy


44.058399, 12.569298

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