The Bela Krajina Development Information Center is a public institution that provides for the promotion and promotion of tourism and entrepreneurship in Bela Krajina. In the field of entrepreneurship, we provide information about entrepreneurs about current projects and tenders, as well as assistance in the tender documentation. We are successful in applying for various European tenders to improve the quality of life in rural and economic areas. Within the framework of tourism, we take care of promoting the development and promotion of Bela krajina in Slovenia and abroad, and we organize trips around Bela krajina. The institute is the organizer of the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia – Jurjevanja in Bela Krajina and the manager of the Lahinja Landscape Park and the City Museum Collection Črnomelj .

RIC Bela krajina is working in the field of promoting additional development tasks in the development region of JV Slovenia – Bela krajina, promoting the development of the economy, promotion, information and advising in the field of entrepreneurship, and the Program for the promotion of competitiveness and development measures for Pokolp in the period 2011-2016. For more information and advice, we invite you to contact our co-workers.

Become a development engineer in Bela krajina. The development should be based on sustainable principles that improve the quality of life of all inhabitants and are based on active participation.

Identifying endogenous potentials of the region and promoting development in detected industries. Development takes place through the integration of various stakeholders in the local and international environment.


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