REA North has built a thorough experience in working with public authorities providing broad range of services from project inception to project execution both on strategic and operational level. Our main goal is to constantly introduce novel concepts (technological, governmental, financial) and maintain our position of the most relevant energy player in the region Agency has an extensive experience relevant for this project since it managed its own innovative projects and activities but also assisted cities and counties as well as managed their innovative projects and activities. Besides, Agency is participating in an IEE project on green public procurement throuh which it has active cooperation with several cities and counties in Croatia.

Social&Creative projects:

  • ProminentMED – Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting greEN growTh in MED area (Project partner; Partner project budget:  142,704.00 € )

Main role in the project ProminentMED:
Public Procurement of Innovation Implementation/ Development of case studies

Country: Croatia

Nature: Sectoral agency


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