The City of Prato is the center of Prato's textile district is well known for the specially-designed textiles with which it supplies a wide range of markets. The City is striving to relaunch its textile and clothing sector, heavily hidden by the economic crisis. The City has signed a memorandum of understanding with all the relevant stakeholders at this purpose, identifying two main directions: the stimulus to the creative and cultural industries related to its fashion industry and the sustainability of the sector by orienting R&D activities towards it. These objectives are to be achieved also through the participation of the City in EU funded projects, which are a fundamental driver to exchange knowledge for the benefit of the SMEs.

Socia&Creative project:

  • CreativeWear – Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space (Lead applicant;  Partner project budget: 331,850.00 € )

Main role in the project CreativeWear:
Managing administrative and financial issues/ Ongoing Management/ Project monitoring and reporting/ Horizontal coordination/ Preparing and submitting a project proposal

Country: Italy

Nature: Local public authority


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Our Address:

Via Manassei, 23 59100 Prato Toscana Prato ITALY


43.8810934, 11.0973647



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