The Urban Hub Piacenza Training Center provides training courses for those who have interest and curiosity about new technologies : creatives, young people looking for “inspiration” for their future, professionals, students and teachers. The new information desk, reception, orientation, animation and territorial promotion to encourage the start-up of new businesses and self-employment, in particular for innovative-creative activities in Piacenza; the help desk is available for information and assistance regarding business start-ups on various aspects. Through the help desk it is possible to get in touch with various professionals, thanks to the bodies that are part of the project: the Municipality of Piacenza, the Province of Piacenza, the Emilia Romagna Region, the Chamber of Commerce, Aster and Piacenza Expo.

Social&Creative projects:

  • Chebec – Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural sector (Stakeholder)

Country: Italy

Nature: Local policy makers


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