The Innovative Territories Network is the first national association for the dissemination of digital uses for French communities. Commonly called “The Interconnected”, the network is supported by the Assembly of the Communities of France ( AdCF ) and Urban France ( new association resulting from the merger of the Association of Urban Communities of France and the Association of Mayors of the Major Cities of France). In practice, it is a space for dialogue and expertise , a real toolbox for the digital innovation of territories. Our goal is to promote the dissemination of innovative uses on the territory, the exchange of good practices, the mobilization of reliable and innovative technologies , and to bring the light of national and international experts to territories wishing to implement projects. . Our action relies on working groups, the publication of studies, the identification and the valorization of the experiences of the territories and the networking of the communities in particular with the actors of the new technologies.

Social&Creative projects:

  • odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Stakeholders)

Country: France

Nature: National policy makers


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Our Address:

18 rue Tronchet, Lyon


45.7694841, 4.8456827

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