ANCI Lazio is a regional branch of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, representing almost all Lazio municipalities. ANCI Lazio is committed in promoting European policies and debates towards its members as well as local authorities’ interests at national and regional level.
The Association is particularly committed in:
• promoting small municipalities’ interests to the national government;
• promotes the analysis of problems of interest for its members (378 Municipalities);
• distributes information, consultancies and assistance to its members;
• promotes and organises workshops on matters related to Local Administration activities and Local Administration employees;
• promotes and encourages initiatives for civic education of citizens and to increase their Knowledge;
• studies and promotes the adoption of measures to stimulate citizens’ participation to Local Agencies activities;
• carries out activities jointly with similar Associations of Local Agencies;
• participating with its own representatives in institutional debates where decisions about local autonomies interests are discussed;
• promoting several activities to support local authorities’ actions and services and to increase citizens participation to civil life;
• encouraging international relations among its members and coordinating their activities in the field of international cooperation
In the last years, ANCI Lazio has worked in several projects developing and testing new services and policies in order to increment LAs capacities and know-how. ANCI Lazio has got a specialized team of experts in EE, RES, sustainable mobility and sustainable local development. Moreover in our team there is a specific expertise in developing, managing and coordinating EU projects.

Social&Cretive projects:

  • Open DOORS – Designing a network of cOOperating cReative communities for developing a Sharing economy (Lead partner; Partner project budget:  130,000.00 € )

Main role in the project openDoors:
Preparing and submitting the project proposal/ Managing administrative and financial issues/ Evaluating the project/ Common methodology for the project communication activities/ Communicating with the Horizontal Project.

Country: Italy

Nature: Local public authority


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