LAZIO INNOVA, in-house company of the Lazio Region, also participated, with minority share, by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, is the result of the process of reorganization of the Lazio Region companies dedicated to innovation, credit and economic development envisaged by the regional law n. 10/2013.
Operates for the benefit of businesses and the local public administration in providing incentives to apply to regional, national and / or European resources; in credit support and issue of guarantees; in interventions in risk capital; in services for internationalization, promotion of business networks and regional excellence; in services for birth and business development; in measures for social inclusion.
It also carries out specialized technical assistance functions for the Lazio Region, with particular reference to the implementation of European and national programming.
It is also responsible on behalf of the Region for the implementation of specific development and internationalization projects.
Finally, it is the regional antenna of European programs for innovation through the analysis, the conception of cooperation projects and the implementation of services and activities for the benefit of the innovative Lazio system.

Social&Creative projects:

  • Chebec – Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural sector (Stakeholder)

Country: Italy

Nature: Business support organisations


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Via Faul, Viterbo Italy


42.4166678, 12.1013131

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