The Chamber of Kilkis was founded in 1981, it constitutes a Legal Person of Public Right and it belongs to the Ministry of Development. It is a self-contained and self-managed Organization. It is managed by fivefold Administrative Committee and Administrative Council which consists of 21 directors. The Administrative Council is composed of four departments: Commerce, Small and Medium Sized Industries, Industry and a department for the Rest of the Professions. The Chambers’ purpose is the protection and development of trade, industry, crafts and professions in their region, within the national economy interests, and also its overall economic progress. The provision of advisory suggestions for each economic issue, to the Government, aims always at the economic development in their region and the overall interest service of the national economy. Also, the Chambers provide advisory advice and information on any economic issue to their members and to any interested.

Social&Creative projects:

  • Co-Create – Setting up a network of COmpetitive MED Clusters with the contribution of CREATive industriEs (Project partner;  Partner project budget:  195,000.00 € )

Country: Greece

Nature: Business support organisation


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Our Address:

Tsirogianni 3, Kilkis 611 00, Greece


40.996127719575, 22.878717184067

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