ITAINNOVA has a skilled Big Data and Artificial Intelligence group that aims to develop complex software-intensive solutions for data processing, based on Artificial Intelligence, generating knowledge on real-time to solve business problems of Big Data. This group has specialized knowledge in information processing (analytics) and intensive application of Big Data platforms in many different sectors. The main areas of work are the application of new Big Data architectures, intelligent data processing technologies, and semantic technologies for knowledge representation. This group’s competences are specially relevant for this project, since it has to deal with many different data in a multisectorial environment.

Main role in the project + RESILIENT: 
Knowledge base collection development of + RESILIENT platform and local pilot actions plan

Social&Creative projects:

  • +RESILIENT – Mediterranean Open REsouRcEs for Social Innovation of SociaLly ResponsIve ENTerprises: (Project partner; Partner project budget:  248,538.00 €)

Country: Spain


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