A mission aimed at enhancing talent in fashion, art and design.

‘To excel as a professional and creative learning center in the Fashion, Art and Design sectors; feed the international market through the offer of talented Istituto Marangoni graduates from all over the world ‘.

We are committed to achieving this Mission:

  • offering a rich and detailed educational portfolio, constantly updated to meet the demand and evolution of the sector;
  • reaching the highest academic standards through modern and dynamic result-oriented curricular teachings;
  • integrating the spirit of ‘Italianity’ into the student value system on a daily basis, through study programs but also through direct experience within the School;
  • celebrating the global and multicultural reach of Italian culture through Fashion, Art and Design;
  • supporting and developing the potential of our teaching and administrative staff, through timely and constant training;
  • positioning Istituto Marangoni at the center of the culture of Fashion, Art and Design, thanks to an excellent selection of locations in the main cultural capitals of the world;
  • further strengthening the historical and recent connections with the most important companies and personalities of the Fashion, Art and Luxury Design market.

Develop skills, grow new talent. Since 1935 this is the mission of Istituto Marangoni. From fashion to design, our goal is to provide students with the tools best suited to express themselves creatively. Istituto Marangoni is an established and recognized aesthetic creation laboratory, with which the most interesting names in the fashion and design sector collaborate, professors able to convey their professionalism to form tomorrow's excellence.

In addition to the varied offer of fashion and design courses, the new Florence School also offers an intense study program dedicated to art, including art history, art “management” and visual multimedia art.

Those who attend Istituto Marangoni have the best incentives to grow and the tools to safely face the world of work. Our educational path includes a constant contact, through the teaching staff, with the most important companies in the sector, the very ones that are addressed to us to choose the protagonists of tomorrow.

In the offices of Milan, Florence, Paris, London and Shanghai, students from all over the world meet and confront each other, with a continuous exchange of stimuli, ideas, projects and visions that have the common denominator of the evolution of aesthetic taste, contributing to outline what will be their professional future.

Social&Creative projects:

  • CreativeWear – Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space (Stakeholder)

Country: Italy

Nature: Private sector


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Our Address:

Via de' Tornabuoni, 17, 50123 Firenze FI, Italija


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