Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza activities aim at building a new economy based on knowledge in order to create a greater social cohesion. Our mission is based on the valorisation of territorial resources with a particular attention to the European and Mediterranean contexts. Fondazione Idis supports its local stakeholders (school networks, companies, enterprises, local bodies and associations) which become partners by contributing to test new cultural products and spread their effects through local actions. Moreover, Fondazione Idis plays its role in European and Euro –Mediterranean contexts, thanks both to its knowledge of the real condition of contemporary scientific and technology research and for the strategic position of Naples and Southern Italy.

Social&Cretive projects:

  • – Mediterranean Diet – When Brand Meets Peoples (Associated partner)

Main role in project

Regional and project level -Its interest in MD-Net is part of a wider strategy that puts Agri-Food Sector in the list of its Top Five specialization sectors. Taking part in the project means further strengthening Città della Scienza (CdS) network of MD stakeholders for upcoming national at international projects, while further consolidating its experience in the field, and helping the dissemination of the goals set out in FOOD 2030 European Strategy. MD-related activities are carried out within GNAM Village, a city-lab promoting healthy habits and values of MD, through events, workshop and training activities for school/university students, families, businesses and general public by national/international partners(Universities, Research Centres, businesses, civil society organizations). GNAM is linked to its Science Centre and Life Science domain through
Corporea, first interactive European museum on Health and Human Body, this enhancing interdisciplinary

Country: Italy

Nature: Higher education and research


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