The Consortium “Fernando de los Ríos”, for the Development of the Information and Knowledge Society in Andalusia (southern Spain), is a governmental body constituted by the eight “Diputaciones Provinciales” of Andalusia and the Andalusian Regional Government (“Junta de Andalucia”), located in the city of Granada. Its Mission is to foster and to spread projects leading to the development of a Digital Environment that allows the Andalusian Society to grow culturally, financially and socially. Actually, we manage a Regional Network of more than 900 Telecentres (“GUADALINFO NETWORK”, and more than 800 people are directly employed in this network. Through this physical and virtual network, more than 300 Social Innovative Projects have been proposed and are being developed in The region by the own Andalusian citizens. Guadalinfo has become the first territorial, professionally managed social network with the physical presence and support of local agents. It is now a key element in the social networks in Spain, as the pioneering catalyst for change in the territory by providing access to contents generated by citizens and institutions alike.

Social&Creative projects:

  • TALIA – Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions ( Project partner; Partner project budget 273,825.00 € )
  • Chebec – Hacking the Mediterranean economy through the Creative and Cultural sector (Stakeholder)


Main role in the project TALIA:

  • A 2.1 Communication Strategy
    A 2.5 Events Organisation and Attendance
    A 3.3 Engagement and Facilitation of Interaction
    A 3.4 Input and Feedback Collection

Country: Spain

Nature: Local Public authority

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Our Address:

Parque Tecnológico de Ciencias de la Salud Edificio Bioregión. Avda del Conocimiento s/n. 18016 Granada España.


37.147762, -3.602071

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