COWOCAT is a non-profit association created with the aim of representing the coworking concept between the different spaces and formats that exist in Catalonia.
Today's challenge for the association is to unite the existing spaces and figures in the field of coworking in order to be able to relate them more effectively and create an associative network among the various professionals that will give rise to new ones ideas and projects that can be presented to universities, companies, professionals and the general public. It is a knowledge bank to which everyone can have access. COWOCAT, as major coworking space in Barcelona and Cataluna will support the consortium with data collection, webinars and local workgroups formation, MOOCs elaboration, Media strategy support and territorial analysis. COWOCAT will also bring knowledge from COWOCAT rural, addressed to rural areas.

Social&Creative projects:

  • CoWorkMED – Social Innovation Research On Coworking Clusters (Associated partner)

Country: Spain

Nature: SMEs


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