The Regional Federation of Industrialists of the Veneto was established on 27 October 1971 and today, through the Regional Associations and Unions, represents over 11,000 companies , with 320,000 employees .
The Federation is not commercial in nature and is non-profit-making. Its “mission” is characterized by the following aims:
– Representing and protecting industrial operators at the regional level, in relations with institutions, administrations, political, economic, trade union and social organizations, dealing with the issues of interest in these areas economic and productive activities and realizing the best conditions for carrying out entrepreneurial activities.
– Affirming the values ​​of Venetian entrepreneurship and enhancing territoriality in all regional, national and community centers, also with a view to decentralization in place in the organization of the state.
– Participate in the formation of confederal organizations according to the provisions contained in the Statute of Confindustria and in its regulations and contribute to ensuring the flow of information to the member Associations.
– Carry out study and research activities and provide information and advice to the federated associations and member organizations, regarding the economic and social issues of the Veneto Region.
– Study, propose and promote all actions consistent with theCommunity policies of regional interest.

Social&Creative projects:

  • odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Stakeholders)

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