The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions brings together some 160 Regions from 25 States from the European Union and beyond.
Representing about 200 million people, the CPMR campaigns in favour of a more balanced development of the European territory. It operates both as a think tank and as a lobby for Regions.
Through its extensive network of contacts within the EU institutions and national governments the CPMR has, since its creation in 1973, been targeting its action towards ensuring that the needs and interests of its Member Regions are taken into account in policies with a high territorial impact.
It focuses mainly on social, economic and territorial cohesion, maritime policies and blue growth, and accessibility. European governance, energy and climate change, neighbourhood and development also represent important areas of activity for the association.

Social&Cretive projects:

  • – Mediterranean Diet – When Brand Meets Peoples (Associated partner)

Main role in project Transferring and Capitalization at project level – The CPMR operates as a think-tank, a group of interest for regions and platform for development and capitalization of projects. With more than 150 member regions, sub-divided into six Geographical Commissions, this unique structure enables to establish strong and interlinked network at all levels. Its Intermediterranean Commission (IMC), counting about 44 regional authorities, offers networking activities at political and technical level through the organisation of thematic working-group meetings, high-level political events, projects activities, advocacy campaigns, capacity building actions. The IMC will support dissemination and outputs transferability among the CPMR members and its external stakeholders. It will also help the cross-fertilization of the project’s results with other relevant projects
or initiatives where CPMR and IMC participate. The IMC is particularly interested in MODULE 2 TESTING.

Country: Spain

Nature: International organisation, EEIG


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