The CNA, National Confederation of Craft and Small and Medium Enterprises, has been representing and protecting the interests of craft businesses, SMEs and all forms of self-employment for over sixty years. A reality that today draws strength and weight from around 670,000 associates.
The mission of the CNA is to give value to craftsmanship and small and medium enterprises, presenting themselves as their partner for development and promoting economic and social progress. This objective is pursued through a structured and widespread organization, a system of companies that offers integrated services and personalized consultancy to companies, a modern structure that provides its members with assistance, information and innovative solutions. La Cna di Padova is the provincial association of artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to and forming the national Confederation.
Born in Padua in 1974, it has more than 5000 associates. To carry out its mission of protecting and developing the interests of the craft and small and medium-sized enterprises, the CNA of Padua is engaged daily in the following functions:
– conference initiatives for all categories and sectors of the craft;
– development projects in the fields of international cooperation between companies, technological innovation, the quality of individual sectors and territorial realities;
– assistance in matters of company or individual bargaining and management of corporate or sector crisis situations;
– information on the obligations to be borne by companies and on local, national and European laws and regulations on tax, corporate and legal matters;
– business and professional training and updating;
– promotion of cooperative and consortium structures between companies for specific objectives.

Social&Creative projects:
– odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Stakeholders)

Country: Italy

Nature: Business support organisation


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