The Chamber promotes growth and innovation processes of all local companies located in its territory trough trainings, research and technology transfer activities. The Chamber has also a peculiar attention to the creative sector and through a strong collaboration with Biennale and University of Venice ( Cultural Management department) it organize training courses for entrepreneurs to support cross–fertilization between traditional sectors and creative industries. Moreover the Chamber has wide experience in European project management. Since 2000, it has been taking part to numerous projects covering a variety of topics both as lead and project partner.

Social&Creative projects:

  • Co-Create – Setting up a network of COmpetitive MED Clusters with the contribution of CREATive industriEs (Lead partner;  Partner project budget: 349,000.00 € )

Main role in the project Co-Create:
Administrative, financial and quality evaluation/ Administrative financial and technical management/ Valorization and transferring of project results/ Pilot action step 2: cross-fertilization activities addressed to SMEs/ Transferring knowledge and information to the ecosystem of innovation according to the quadruplix Helix approach/ Definition of the contents and elaboration of the capitalization methodology/ Project preparation/ Coordination with horizontal project/ Pilot action methodology/ Gamification techniques

Nature: Business support organisation

Country: Italy


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