CCIAA PD brings in following thematic competences and experiences: projects and events related to development strategies, aiming at enhancing creativity’s and innovation’s best practices; actions linking education and enterprises, like innovative internships or work experiences for students; implementing a comprehensive action sensitizing companies and SMEs about the advantages of digitization processes, helping them to get the necessary expertise with workshop and training programmes. CCIAA PD established a local “network for innovation” with Universities, Excellence centres and Businessmen Associations. The network aims at easing the innovation processes in the local SMEs and promoting the contacts among SMEs and research centres.

Social&Creative projects:
– odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Project Partner; Partner project budget:  232,772.95 €)

Main role in the project odeon: 
Coordinating the Communication phase/ Setting-up common methodologies for actions/ Project Communication Tools/ Coordination with Horizontal project/ Coordination with MED Programme/ Participation in External Events/ Support in Financial and Funding Opportunities

Country: Italy

Nature: Business support organisation


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