70 years have passed since November 9, 1945 in which the establishment of the Association of Traders of the province of Padua was officially sanctioned. Half a century punctuated by significant moments of associative activity, marked trade union goals, a strong civil commitment and a widespread vocation to face the problems of the territory, urban areas and communities. With the growth of associations and a rational organizational decentralization, the commitments in other sectors and realities have increased beyond the original institutional tasks. And so Tourism and Services have been added, even in the associative denomination, to trade, effectively creating an operational organization that has few equals and that configures the remarkable strength of a category that, over the course of 65 years,
now as then Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy Ascom Padova , is alongside businesses and entrepreneurs of commerce, in the struggles that concern the territory and the historical centers to improve them and re-evaluate them. This has always been the goal of ASCOM PADOVA, which has been on the side of business, commerce, tourism and services for 70 years, protecting and supporting its interests, both in the city and in the province.

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– odeon – Open Data for European Open iNnovation (Stakeholders)

Country: Italy

Nature: Business support organisation


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