The Union of Hellenic Chambers of Commerce( UHCC) represents all 59 Hellenic Chambers (of Commerce – Industry – Craft – Professional) throughout the country. The UHCC and all its members Chambers are self-financed organisations operating as Public Law Legal Entities. The actions of the organization pivot around the assumption of it being the State's enacted advisor on economy and growth in general; it also represents Hellenic Chambers at home and abroad, and provides services to them. To this end, it develops actions making it an effective tool in the country's economic and social development.

Social&Creative projects:

  • TALIA – Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions ( Project partner; Partner project budget  284,025.00 € )

Main role in the project TALIA:

  • A 3.1 Community Building and Development
  • D 4.2 Indicator Mapping

Nature: Business support organisation

Country: Greece

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Our Address:

Akadimias Street 10671 KOLONAKI ATHENS GREECE


37.9781602, 23.7370484



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