"open DOORS" is a proposal which actualizes the "transnational innovative clusterization" process realized within the MEDcapitalization experience. In fact this proposal is built on the heritage left by 5 capitalization projects which, as one result of the capitalization process, have produced a number of communities, networks and services dealing with creativeness and innovation as drivers for a smart and sustainable growth. The proposed Study aims to demonstrate how the Sharing Economy can be a driver of economic (business dimension, integrative incomes etc), territorial (subsidiary principle and new available local commodities i.e. transport, accommodation etc which cover public services' gaps) and social (civil society direct participation) growth. It also defines the network's joint strategy and action plan for offering a mix of innovative services to the creative local communities, enabling them to "open the doors" to new forms of collaborative economy. The established "open DOORS network" will be ready, in the next future, to test the innovative services and to develop real and concrete experiences of Sharing Economy.

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  • Lead applicant - OpenDOORS
  • Modular project
  • Partnership - CHEBEC
  • Partnership - CHIMERA
  • Partnership - CreativeWear
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  • Partnership - OpenDOORS
  • Project partner - Chebec
  • Project partner - Chimera
  • Project partner - CreativeWear
  • Project partner - Odeon
  • Project partner - Open DOORS
  • Thematic Area - Collective Learning
  • Thematic Area - Cultural Anchoring
  • Thematic Area - Innovation Mixes
  • Thematic Area - New Business Model
  • Thematic Area - Open Networked People
  • Thematic Area - Shared Values